There are many ways to e-mail the physician or contact the doctor via the internet. 
The new government privacy regulations (HIPAA) necessitate the physician responding by encrypted e-mail
or a secure webpage like you use with a credit card purchase.
Setting this up and maintaining it is expensive so there is a $5 charge which must be paid before any  e-mail can be answered.
There is no charge if you are just trying the system(s) out or testing it.
If you are just testing let the subject in your message be just test and we'll have the spam filters route the message for
automatic disposal.  There are hundreds of ways that you can use the internet to send the office
a message.  Below I have listed some of the best options
.   Dr. Atwood

                Internet Communication with a Physician
     website centered
  1 sponsor-- Medem

fully setup to charge
credit card company takes their part

free for AMA members
get notified when message comes in
get notified when answer not checked

  2 sponsor--

more control on site design than Medem
you are on your own with regards to
    charging, notification of new mail
    or if answer checked  (to close 4/04) webpage to fax only-- no setup for patient--free
  4 uses
perhaps ideal for browser to browser e-mail  to use
takes up to 15 meg attachments
  5 submit form and PGP with encryption on your website server then submission sent to your personal e-mail for decrypting & reading  (pgpformmail.cgi script)
(no registration, your notice pre-send, receive at your e-mail software)
     standalone program
  6 CuteFTP Pro excellent for dropping off files at a website
  7 DropChute excellent for large files
     file     encryption send as attachments
  8 FineCrypt encrypt files or directories, self extracting
  9 Kryptel encrypted Zip, needs software both ends
 10 SilverKey no software needed for receiver
     email     centered
  11 ideal for sending and replies & can time out
takes attachments
  12 ideal for sending,  no attachments
can time-out the message
  13 SecExMail as low as $4 / year
  14 required keys
  15 PGP free & $50 versions, keys,  may be hard to configure

key links
AMA guidelines
overview of philosophy of physician-patient-e-mail- 
written by a physician
Guidelines for security
(from MEDEM)
Electronic Patient Centered Communication Resource Center-- summary from a physician tech leader