Steven D. Atwood, M.D., FACP
Internal Medicine and Family Health Care

3525 S. National, Suite 206
Springfield, MO     65807
Phone:      269-9200      fax:   269-9204
on Walnut lawn  1 block west of the corner
   of  National and Walnut Lawn
   in the Medical South Building
(1 block north of Cox South Hospital) 

                          1-18-18 :  Our office is expanding and busier than we want to be
                                      we  now need a Full Time person 
                                   to serve as our receptionist,  help manage paper charts and 
                                    superbill posting.
The posting is just data entry of codes circled on 
                                    a form to an accounting database.

                                        Receptionist duties  will involve 
                                       scheduling patients that call, 
                        or scheduling appointments as  they leave the office on a simple scheduling software
                                        collecting copays,  and taking messages off of our voice mail.
                                   (All incoming calls go to voice mail first).
                                        Charts and paperwork are  basically pulling paper charts, 
                  adding an encounter worksheet and superbill to the top of the chart for the upcoming visit
                                        and scanning papers to the EMR.  The billing paperwork also includes
                                        processing the superbill.

                      The superbill worksheet has service and diagnosis codes circled
                           and when time permits the receptionist enters the codes onto a software form.

                  We use Amazing Charts as our EMR and Medware as our practice accounting program.

       Experience with a medical office or healthcare matters is not essential but would be very helpful.
                                        We basically need to add a good team member for our front office. 
                                We have used a college grad student before and a job share or variable hours 
                                        system is a possibility

                                       Work hours are 8 to 12 and 1 to 5  M-R  and till 3 on F.  
                                                Never any nights or weekends.
Benefits to include paid sick time, paid vacation time,  paid holidays.  
         The office at present does not have a group health plan since everyone already had insurance.

          Our office is  a solo practice, independent, primary care office in-network with
                    both of the local hospitals and both of the local health networks.  

           Most of our patients have been established for many years. 
                                        We need someone now and hope to fill our spot sometime this month.
                                        If interested, please get us a resume and completed application.

                                        Application:              PDF  format  (change pdf address to rtf or doc
                                                                                                                                                      if you wish this format)


                                  Apply :        at office        or    fax 269-9204    or 
                         email: your resume and completed application

                                                (office waiting room open 7:30 to 5      M-Thurs and Friday am ,   if you stop by which is preferred)