Practice Startup  in Missouri                                             a checklist and key tips
 by Steven D. Atwood, M.D., FACP
 update 1.8.02 list of issues   key points     contact info  

  1 PO Box  About $60 for 6mo, ideal for patient payments
  2 Change of Address AMA which links to pharmaceutical & free magazines;
old office-- note postmaster won't forward business mail if business still there;
hospitals,  licensing, DEA,  BNDD, 
web sites, Postmaster
  3 Lease Try for $1,000-$1,500 per month  per doc
  4 Bank 50K loan Line of credit, use as you need
  5 Bank  Checking Account Don't co-mingle home & office; location close to office
  6 Cell Phone Should include unlimited nights & weekends & voice mail
  7 Answering Service  
   8 Business Cards Kinko's is a quick fix & takes 10 minutes
  9 Staff Benefit list--vacation, holidays, health ins,
                    sample meds, health care,
  10 Federal EIN # Usually can get number same day you call--
     this is your unique identifier & how you are registered
  10 State Tax I.D. # Needed for payroll & taxes; request Form 2643
  11 State Unemployment ID # From Div. Employment Security
  12 W-9 Form   for Insurance Companies Mail it to them;   you are registered by your EIN
  13 Clia #  you need this # to do accuchecks &  guiacs & urine dipsticks
  14 Medicare Takes 4 - 6 weeks,   retroactive to day you applied
  15 RR Medicare Takes 4 - 6 weeks,   retroactive to day you applied
   yes-- These Medicare patients use a separate billing address.
  16 Medicaid Takes 90 days,         retroactive to day you applied
  17 Local Managed Care Participating Provider Network Takes 30++ days,    generally not retroactive
  18 Hospital Staff Membership  
  20 Office Checks Office Depot
  21 Office Brochure Tri-fold
  22 Office Paper & Basic Supplies Colwell, Medical Arts Press, Office Depot
  23 Office Computer Best Buy, Dell
  24 Computer Network Easy and total cost $100-- do it yourself
  25 Key Office Equipment Copy machine, fax machine, wireless phone
  26 Office Phones At least 2 incoming lines & at least 1 analog line
  27 Software  $500 -$3000 to start & $100-$1,000 yearly renewal
  28 Payroll System Quickpay $100 / year
  19 Office Forms-- long list of many options Use a word processor & make your own
  29 Key Forms for Office Fax,  letter,  progress note, patient registration,
superbill-office, superbill-hospital, collection letter,
problem list,  lab flow sheet,  med sheet
  30 Key Office Lists Referral docs, pharmacies, hospital numbers, lab & xray sites
  31 Key Phone Numbers Hospitals, docs
state med, county med,  specialty society,  AMA
DEA,  License,  BNDD, 
Medicare, RR Medicare,  Medicaid
  32 Yellow Pages Ad

Due late January, book out first of May

  33 Lab Patients don't want to go to the hospital for routine lab--
   DRAW IT IN YOUR OFFICE, then have a lab pickup.
  34 Web Site ISP Blue Genesis, CTSServer, Highwayipowertheweb
  35 Collection Agency Only need 4-6 months into practice,  late charge motivates pts 
  36 Group Health Insurance Primarily for the larger office
  37 OSHA Blood & bodily fluid exposure precautions--esp needle stick
  38 MSD A simple notebook to file away for poison control & spill mgmt