Presentations on
          Technology to Help Your Medical Office


   by Steven Atwood, M.D., FACP

   a collection 1996-present

                                Subject & Slides



1 Practice Management Systems--                                    (1/2 Mb, PPT)
    Improving Efficiency, Service, and Time Savers 
       Handout Slides   (3 per page,   17pages) 
        EMR functions   (3 pages, RTF, 1997)
2   Office Tech 2004  (1Mb, PPT-v2003)          Patient-Physician E-Mail  ( list of useful options for 2004)
       handout in PDF
3   Cholesterol Management in the Elderly  (7Mb, PPT-v2003
                                                                              with 3D transitions)
         Statin Options 2003     (RTF format)
4 Practice Startup  (1/2 Mb, PowerPoint file, no transitions)    #1 Simple Slides   (6 pages, PowerPoint )
   #2 Checklist, Forms, Addresses  (webpages, HTML format)
5 An Office Website that Really Helps Your Practice  (2Mb)             Simple Slides  (14 pages, PowerPoint, no transitions)  
Starting an Office Website  (1996)   (html)                       
  Starting an Office Website  (1999)  (html)                           
6 Data Mining for Physicians                                          (5Mb, PPT)         list of useful search sites  (1 page, RTF format)
Internet for Medical Office Staff                                 (3 Mb, PPT)         list of useful office sites  (1 page, RTF format)          
7 Physician Locator for County Medical Society        (136Kb, PPT)           Link to GCMS Physician Locator  
8 Stepping Up to Digital Dictation-- for the Physician  (1/2 Mb, PPT)         Handout Slides    (3 per page,  10 pages)            
  Stepping Up to Digital Dictation-- for the MT    (1/2 Mb, PPT)           Handout Slides   (3 per page,  10 pages)   
Thriving in a Small Practice in the 21st Century    (3Mb PPT)           Handout Slides   (3 per page 20 pages, pdf)
       template file for office dictations (word 2002)
(for DOT format file, best to save, then tools>>templates>>add>> then add that file option to your template collection for the page you are adding data to)
  print-to-file  (why you need to use it) 
print-to-file-explained  (
how to, step by step, rtf format for your word processor)

 If new for 2004   those w/o links will go on line after the presentation